Video Feedback Systems: The Foundation for Pre-Service Teacher Mentoring

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  1. Jill Wood and David S. Allen, Kansas State University, United States

Thursday, October 18 10:15-10:45 AM Location: Jubilee Ballroom 2 View on map

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Abstract: During the past five years, KSU has developed a video-based supervision system, which has become the basis for the M.A.T. program. This system was developed in conjunction with KSU’s undergraduate program and is currently being utilized by 350 students in local placements as well as 140 M.A.T. graduate students located across Kansas, 17 other states, and 3 international locations. This video-based feedback system functions as the core supervision model in both the graduate and undergraduate programs regardless of the location of the placement. To date, students have generated over 371,000 minutes of recorded video in classrooms during the past three years. Through the use of tablet technology in conjunction with the Swivl™ Robot, faculty are supervising students in early field experience courses, methods practicums, and student internships in a solely digitally-mediated environment. KSU currently has over 200 Swivl™ Robots deployed in multiple schools across the state and a one-to-one requirement for the students enrolled in the M.A.T. program. With the use of Swivl™ and their web-based platform, supervision offers time-stamped, video-embedded feedback allowing for greater potential in the reflection process. This video enhancement led to the development of four specific observation protocols. Developed by the university faculty to provide feedback in a manner consistent with a growth mindset, KSU’s current feedback protocols are focused around the following four practices: 1.Self-Reflection, 2. 10-minute Walkthrough, 3. Focused Feedback, 4.Formal Evaluation


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