Interactive Course Content and the Tool Diffusion Management

ID: 53527 Type: Virtual Paper
  1. Xuemei Li, Norfolk State University, United States

Abstract: Have you thought about engaging students in their own learning? There are possible learner-instructor interactions, learner-learner interactions, and learner-content interactions in any particular online course. What types of interaction will your students experience? Engaging today’s students requires more than traditional teaching methods. In the digital age, learner-content interaction has been made possible, and plays a more and more important role in online learning. Integrating conceptual learning with interactive activities becomes crucial. Unlike the traditional lecture where students passively receive information, interactive activities promote student engagement and help learners concentrate on key concepts, allowing learners to learn better. In this presentation the ways of engaging online students in their own learning (learner-content interaction) and the tool diffusion management will be discussed. Interactive activities (such as online drag and drop activities/flash cards, sorting and ordering activities, etc.) can make this learning easy and effective. Engaging students with interactive activities promotes active learning, one of current emerging pedagogies and designs for online learning.


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