SoLeMiO: Semantic Integration of Learning Material in Office

ID: 53505 Type: Full Paper
  1. Christian Grévisse, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  2. Rubén Manrique and Olga Mariño, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
  3. Steffen Rothkugel, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Wednesday, October 17 10:45 AM-11:15 AM Location: Las Vegas Ballroom 5 View on map

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Abstract: Learners throughout different educational levels and study domains use a significant amount of time to consult learning material. In addition to the resources given by their teachers, further information might be required by the learner. However, leaving the study context to search for related material may lead to distraction or even abandonment of the learning task. Furthermore, traditional learning resources do not foster active learning. In this paper, we present SoLeMiO, a plugin for Office applications, which identifies key concepts in a document and thereby integrates related, heterogeneous resources from an open corpus. We employ concept recognition tools to determine concepts from different domains. Thereupon, resources from different repositories are suggested to the learner and can be consulted from within the current document. Aside from traditional learning resources, active learning is fostered through gamification activities. We showcase the applicability of our approach in multiple disciplines with concrete examples.


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