Lesson-based case online learning: An innovative program to promote teacher professional development in China

ID: 53449 Type: Roundtable
  1. Zhinan Huang, National Center for Educational Technology, China
  2. Weidong Chen, Qiaozhu Junior Middle School, China
  3. Manli Huang, Puning No.2 Middle School, China
  4. Xuguang Huang, National Center for Educational Technology, China

Wednesday, October 17 10:15 AM-11:15 AM Location: Jubilee Ballroom 1 View on map

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Abstract: The Chinese system of education is shifting from an examination orientation to a more creative approach in order to increase educational quality. The new curriculum in China requires not only changes in content and form, but also sets higher expectations for teachers' instructional strategies and abilities of using educational technology. As a result, China has started and implemented the “One Teacher, One Class” (OTOC) activity to improve teachers' professional development. In this paper, our discussion revolves around the theme of OTOC, including its origin, progression, process, and effect. To end, we summarize the expectations and prospects for OTOC in the Chinese educational context.


Introducing and exploring the mechanism of resource construction and sharing based on the Internet, and to promote the integration of information technology and teaching.

Topical Outline

Introduction OTOC (National) Program 1. Knowledge tree 2. Teaching and technical assistance 3. Resource support 4. Evaluation criterion Sharing best practices in OTOC Learning online for professional development through OTOC Concluding Notes


Teachers who have the ability to use information technology to implement teaching activities.

Experience Level



Familiar with the theory of education and master the application of information technology in classroom teaching.


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