Share Paper: The effectiveness of E-Learning Tools for Teaching and learning as Perceived by Nigerian Colleges of Education Pre-service Teachers.

  1. Oloyede OJO, University of Fort Hare, East London Campus, South Africa, South Africa
  2. Olukemi Adu, University of Fort Hare, South Africa
  3. Olusola Adu, University of Fort Hare, South Africa

Abstract: E-Learning has become increasingly important tools for effective teaching and learning, especially in higher institution. The study sought the effectiveness of E-learning tools for teaching and learning as perceived by pre-service teachers. Ten pre-service teachers were purposively selected at Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Nigeria. Structured Interview was used. It was revealed that mobile phones were the most available tools but not effectively used. Also, improper training affects the effectiveness of other tools. The study recommends proper orientation for pre-service teachers as well as adequate practical skill on effective usage of e-learning tools to enhance teaching and learning.