Share Paper: Negotiation as part of the innovation process: A case for democracy and dialogism in tablet integration in education.

  1. Nicole Masek, Crème de la Crème, United States
  2. Sharla Snider, Texas Woman's University, United States
Tuesday, October 16 2:15-2:45 PM Las Vegas Ballroom 1

Abstract: This qualitative research on iPad implementations at Texas Woman’s University had two phases, the exploration phase by professors and the classroom implementation phase with students in the Family Sciences Department. Democracy in this study had three characteristics: bottom-up, on-going support, and continuous reflection. Bottom-up designs were categorized under three sub-themes: ownership to configure the device, contextually relevant, and learner-centered to understand affordances of iPads and apps. On-going support was the collaboration among participating professors during both phases. Reflection was their continuous evaluation of instructional improvements with the iPads and apps. This study examined the process of change using a two-pronged ...