Presenting Correlated Concepts by Augmented-Reality Instructional Animations

ID: 51457 Type: Full Paper
  1. Chang-Hwa Wang, Department of Graphic Arts and Communications, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
  2. Yu-Hsuan Chen, Department of Visual Communication Design, Taipei University of Marine Technology, Taiwan

Thursday, October 19 10:45 AM-11:15 AM Location: Junior Ballroom A

Presider: Pamela Ponners, University of North Texas, United States

Abstract concept is often difficult to present by traditional lectures In recent years, Augmented-Reality (AR) techniques have made possible of dubbing explanatory information onto abstract phenomena and have been evidenced to be effective in facilitating abstract concept learning This study intended to expand the scope of previous instructional AR research to explore how split-attention effect and redundancy effect would affect the cognitive load and learning achievement while dual concepts are coordinately demonstrated by AR Phases of the moon and tidal effects were selected as the dual correlated concepts to be taught A four-frame display of coordinated animations that presents these two correlated phenomena employing AR techniques was developed Learner’s cognitive loads were compared with the interactions of spatial ability to examine the split-attention effect and redundancy effect The results indicated that single-display of coordinate, successively variated phenomena could result in better learning achievement, due to the reason that single-display mode produces less cognitive load It is evident that multi-display of coordinate phenomena could cause intensified redundancy effect that overcasts split-attention effect on cognitive load There is also an additional finding that high spatial ability group outperformed the medium and low groups in terms of learning achievement Further investigations with larger sample sizes are suggested


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