Add item to your planner: Scheduled Event: W4: Evaluating E-Learning Free Workshop
Nov. 15, 2016
1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Presenter: Thomas Reeves, University of Georgia, USA Abstract: To conduct a comprehensive evaluation of e-learning requires a “triangulation” approach whereby multiple models and procedures are applied. Conducting comprehensive evaluations of e-learning in a timely and efficient manner is the focus of this workshop. Why is evaluation of e-learning so important? Commercially produced or locally developed e-learning programs are being developed and implemented around the globe. These programs are promoted as effective and efficient solutions to education and training problems. Yet systematic evaluation of the implementation and efficacy of these e-learning programs is often lacking. This workshop is specifically designed to establish evaluation as a key strategy throughout the design, development, and implementation of e-learning at all levels of education and training.