Share Paper: Web 3s Card for Reflection and Sharing

  1. Shotaro Hoda, Mie University, Japan
  2. Hitoshi Susono, Mie University, Japan
  3. Tsutomu Shimomura, Mie University, Japan
Tuesday, November 15 2:45 PM-3:45 PM Edison Ballroom

Abstract: 3s Card is a paper-based system for K-16 (K-12 and post-secondary) students to assist them in preparing to make short presentations. Students typically write the title and three other points on a card. Web 3s Card is an extension of the original that allows learners to share the contents of their cards over a network. It was designed and developed so that learners could submit their title and three points using a web browser. The web server then displays the comments for everyone to see. This enables learners to share their learning outcomes and to reflect on what they have ...