Share Paper: Designing and Implementing Gamification in Higher Education Online and Hybrid Courses

  1. Aaron Chia Yuan Hung, Adelphi University, United States
  2. Emilia Zarco, Adelphi University, United States
  3. Diane Dembicki, Adelphi University, United States
  4. Monica Yang, Adelphi University, United States
  5. Mitchell Kase, Adelphi University, United States
Tuesday, November 15 2:10-2:30 PM Edison F

Abstract: Gamification has permeated many aspects of our lives as a means of improving how we approach fitness, mental well-being, motivation, sustainability, and learning. The implementation and research of gamification in higher education is often restricted to instructors who are comfortable with technology and is often implemented in classes such as computer science or game design. For gamification to have broader appeal, research needs to also include instructors and courses that are not focused on technology and design. This paper describes the experiences and findings from five university instructors who experimented with and implemented gamification in their online and hybrid courses ...