Share Paper: Exploring change in graduate students’ perceptions of web-based education throughout an asynchronous course

  1. Maria Mama Timotheou, Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus
Monday, November 14 4:30 PM-5:00 PM Edison B

Abstract: This paper presents the main findings of a UK study exploring graduate students’ perceptions of web-based education, with a specific focus on their change over time, throughout an asynchronous course. Data were collected through online messages and interviews, and analyzed qualitatively, following content and thematic analyses. Participant pre- (at the beginning of the course) and post-course (by the end of the course) perceptions were compared. Several inconsistencies were identified between the two sets of perceptions, while three themes emerged: managerial, social and learning. The findings indicate negative perception change with respect to the managerial and social aspects, whereas positive change ...