Share Paper: Implications of Media Richness and ICT's on Online Course Design/Implementation in Higher Education

  1. Carole Bagley, University of St. Thomas and The Technology Group, Inc., United States
  2. Jeff Olsen, Normandale Community College, United States
Tuesday, November 15 1:30 PM-2:00 PM Edison E

Abstract: Given the availability of various Information and Communication Technology (ICT’s), economic conditions, changes in pedagogical approaches, and institutional needs and wants, the space where learning occurs has morphed into a combination of in-seat (face-to-face) and virtual learning. In some cases the learning occurs completely online. This paper will explore the theoretical perspective of Media Richness and the implications of implementing/ facilitating an online course with the use of various ICT’s as compared to a similar course taught face-to-face. Issues will be addressed that could have a future impact on higher education related to offering more totally online or blended courses.