Thursday, October 22
10:00 AM-11:00 AM
Paniolo I

Cross Cultural Game Development: Case Study of an American Cohort Learning and Teaching in China

Symposium ID: 46373
  1. aaa
    David Whittinghill
    Purdue University
  2. Yu-Tung Kuo
    Purdue University
  3. Yingjie Chen
    Purdue University

Abstract: As part of our institution's Study Abroad program, ten American undergraduate university students spent the summer in Harbin, China where they joined their Chinese student counterparts to collaboratively study three learning modules: Cross-Cultural Game Development, Information Visualization, and Chinese Culture and History. This manuscript describes only the Cross-Cultural Game Development course of the program and details the pre-deployment strategy, the coursework, and student and instructor reflections on the overall experience. Data and observations discussed in the paper are largely anecdotal, though some formal qualitative data gathering did occur; the results are analyzed and discussed in detail within this manuscript. Despite the lack of a formal experimental structure, we believe our experiences provide useful qualitative insights into the challenges and joys of teaching game development with and for individuals from China and, most likely, other non-American cultures.

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