Partnering with iTunes U to Bring Podcasting to Campus: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

ID: 27520 Type: Best Practices Session
  1. Kevin Wilson and Eric Orton, Boise State University, United States

Tuesday, October 27 5:15 PM-6:15 PM Location: Pavilion Ballroom B

Presider: Bonnie Thurber, Northwestern University, United States

Abstract: A metropolitan university recently began developing a podcasting program to enable faculty, staff, and students to create and use podcasts on topics ranging from class lectures to campus events to advice on financial aid, all accessible from a single distribution platform with standardized features and a consistent visual design. After weighing issues and options, we chose Appleā€™s iTunes U as our podcasting platform, which solved several problems but created several challenges. Our presentation focuses on how iTunes U was selected, the challenges we encountered, and our responses to those challenges. We will also discuss site structure, including visual design; coordination and linkage with campus enterprise systems; development of a website to complement the iTunes U site; and lessons learned from the early stages of the project. Collectively, our experiences provide a potential model for other institutions seeking a cost-effective and efficient way to bring podcasting to campus.


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