AI ChatGPT: Academia Disruption and Transformation

Asynchronous Brief Paper: Practice Based ID: 62419
  1. aaa
    Judy Lambert
    The University of Toledo
  2. Mark Stevens
    Bowling Green State University

Abstract: With ChatGPT being in its infancy, we have yet to see how technology will change academia. ChatGPT technology is going to disrupt traditional schools stuck in a 20th-century Newtonian paradigm. AI chatbots such as ChatGPT will only become more sophisticated, changing our world and academia in ways not yet imagined. Fraught with risks and ethical concerns such as privacy, security, and bias, ChatGPT also offers classroom opportunities such as more personalized learning, interactive learning, higher student engagement, and open doors for higher-level thinking. As educators, we can either fear and ban technologies like ChatGPT or embrace them and use them to transform how we teach and let students learn. We would be wise to intentionally seize the opportunities technologies like these offer because our students, who will live and work in an increasingly diverse and global society, need to know how they can handle life that's filled with AI risks and possibilities.


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