Share Paper: Using DEI Influencers in the Classroom to Promote Confidence in Identity as well as Mastery of Content

  1. Michelle Bianco, Purdue University Global, United States
  2. Galia Fussell, Purdue University Global, United States
  3. Josef Vice, Purdue University Global, United States
  4. Teresa Marie Kelly, Purdue University Global, United States
Wednesday, November 2 10:40 AM-11:05 AM Room 2

Abstract: Gen Z turns to social media influencers for everything, so why not content and confidence? There is a growing need to present diverse success stories within the classroom. Students need to aspire to a vision with which they identify. Minority students need exposure to publications from minority authors, and confidence in the LGTBQIA+ community can be displayed by highlighting successful scholars. Revising current content and presentations to utilize DEI influencers can assist with identity confidence, social acceptance, and content mastery. Curriculum and teaching practices should aim to increase the representation of historically underserved groups. Including DEI Influencers will make course-level ...