Share Paper: Development of Gaming Materials for Metacognitive Knowledge Retention in Interpersonal Problem Solving and Evaluation of Learning Effectiveness

  1. Yoshiko Okada, College of Engineering, Teacher Certification Program, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan
  2. Toshiki Matsuda, Institute for Liberal Arts, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Tuesday, June 21 3:20-3:40 PM Liberty 5

Abstract: This study aimed to develop gaming materials for metacognitive knowledge retention in interpersonal problem solving and to evaluate the learning effect of the gaming materials. The findings indicate that the review materials and handbooks developed in this study for reviewing and consolidating metacognitive knowledge were effective in consolidating knowledge of problem-solving procedures and in utilizing domain-specific knowledge, but had little effect on consolidating ways of viewing and thinking. It should be presumed that the students did not understand ways of viewing and thinking at the definitional level during the lecture phase. The addition of review materials alone is not sufficient ...