Share Paper: Implementation of UX Design to Enhance Spontaneous and Continuous Study of a Mobile Application for Foreign Language Learning

  1. Ryo Nakagawa, Tohoku University, Japan
  2. Yuichi Ohkawa, Tohoku University, Japan
  3. Xiumin Zhao, Tohoku University, Japan
  4. Akiko Takahashi, National Institute of Technology, Sendai College, Japan
  5. Tomoya Ohyama, Tohoku University, Japan
  6. Takashi Mitsuishi, Tohoku University, Japan
  7. Yoshinori Hayakawa, Tohoku University, Japan
Tuesday, June 21 9:15 PM-10:15 PM Virtual Room 1

Abstract: We have been developing a smartphone application to support intermittent review activities through micro-learning in blended first-time Chinese classes that combine face-to-face teaching and e-learning review. However, the results of past practice confirmed that although regular repetition is necessary in language learning, many learners often study one item only once for a short period of time just before a deadline and do not obtain the full expected effect. This paper reports on the design and development status of a UI that enables spontaneous, continuous, and natural self-regulated learning, including repetitive learning, in order to ensure learners' learning time and learning ...