Tuesday, June 21
2:05-2:25 PM
Liberty 5

Barriers of Math Teachers Related to Online Teaching and Learning in the COVID Era

Live Virtual Brief Paper: Research Based ID: 61372
  1. Amy Crawford
    Ashland University
  2. aaa
    Erik Kormos
    Ashland University

Abstract: This research study explored K-12 mathematics teacher perceptions of barriers to effective implementation of online learning during the covid pandemic. This quantitative investigation featured 62 participants employed full-time as math teachers in a Midwestern state who completed the researcher-developed questionnaire. Results indicated participants encountered barriers related to preparation as well as external and internal factors. Teachers voiced a lack of time to design effective online lessons as the largest barrier to preparedness. Participants indicated reliable student home internet access as the largest external factor to teaching in a virtual format. Teacher perspectives offer unique insight and provide an opportunity to further discussion of providing tools to improve readiness. By better understanding math educators’ perceptions of their own online teaching preparedness, current teachers and administrators, as well as teacher preparation faculty, may design more reflective curricula. It is suggested future research to be performed across multiple states to best prepare future teachers and keep current professionals abreast of research-based best practices.

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