Share Paper: Insight of supporting the learning of a challenging content for special education preservice teachers with learning analytics

  1. Erkko Sointu, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
  2. Laura Hirsto, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
  3. Sannsa Väisänen, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
  4. Christine Cutucache, University of Nebraska at Omaha, United States
  5. Teemu Valtonen, University of Eastern Finland, United States
Tuesday, June 21 1:45 PM-2:10 PM Virtual Room 2

Abstract: Teaching as a profession is valued in Finland among young people applying for universities, and research methods are important part of teacher training. Quantitative research methods, although at times considered exhaustively rigorous, are part of the teacher training. Thus, new ways for teaching with technology and supporting innovatively learning are required. For this task, an exclusively online, flipped learning approach with novel technological approaches were developed and investigated. The technology included a digital learning environment, tandem use of conferencing systems (i.e., Zoom® and Teams®), and active use of learning and dispositional learning analytics for supporting the students. To study the ...