Share Paper: Academics as TikTok Creators?!: Knowledge and Research Dissemination, Connection, and Decommodification

  1. Ramona Maile Cutri, Brigham Young University, United States
  2. Erin F. Whiting, Brigham Young University, United States

Abstract: Academics, faculty at institutions of higher education, across disciplines are using the social media app TikTok. We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to a restructuring of how academics distribute their expertise in publishing and teaching and how they connect with their students and peers, but more research is needed on how and why academics are using social media platforms generally, and in particular TikTok. TikTok challenges its content creators to work within the short-video format, and academics are rising to that challenge. The creations, motivations, and implications of academics on TikTok must be further examined so that we ...