Share Paper: Learning about Vaccines in Middle School Using Socioscientific Problem Based Learning Modules

  1. Debra Tyrrell, Wheeling University, United States
  2. Manetta Calinger, Wheeling University, United States
Tuesday, June 21 3:20-3:40 PM Liberty 4

Abstract: This NIH-funded pilot study took place in spring 2021 to evaluate socioscientific issues (SSI) problem-based learning (PBL) modules to engage middle school students in ill-structured problems in science and health modules as a scientific literacy teachable moment. Data included questionnaires, Zoom interviews, and other correspondence. This pilot case study investigated how two teachers integrated a Covid-19 related SSI into their middle school classrooms, support needed, and their perceptions about the nature of science using a qualitative, multiple case study design. Both teachers chose the same module about who gets a vaccine, perceived their students' high degree of success, and reported ...