Share Paper: Faculty's Intention for Valuing Individuals' Culture to build Course Community

  1. Laurie O. Campbell, The University of Central Floridda, United States
  2. Samatha Heller, University of Central Florida, United States
  3. Eric Laguardia, University of Central Florida, United States
  4. Ronald DeMara, University of Central Florida, United States
Thursday, July 8 1:15-1:30 PM Room 5

Abstract: Prior research on funds of knowledge, culturally responsive pedagogy, culturally responsive instructional approaches have been lauded as effective means for teaching and learning with all learners from varying backgrounds. Few instruments measure PK-12 teachers’ efficacy and intentions for employing assets-based pedagogy. Similarly, higher education has no known instruments for measuring faculty members' knowledge, intentions, or self-efficacy to engage in an assets-based pedagogy. Specifically, an instrument was developed to measure STEM faculty members' attitudes and intention to integrate these practices into their own instruction. In this presentation, the development of an instrument measuring STEM faculty members' intention to engage in assets-based ...