Tuesday, July 6
3:45 PM-4:05 PM
Room 5

Exposed to Cyberbullying on Social Media: Exploring the Social, Educational and Psychological Impacts on Teenagers and Youth

Full Paper: Research Based (Live Presentation) ID: 59086
  1. aaa
    Sam Yousefifard
    University of British Columbia

Abstract: There is a growing interest in digital technology and social media among internet users with different ages. Despite the existing research on the pedagogical, and instructional role of media in education, the potential high risks caused by digital media use such as cyberbullying need further investigation. Cyberaggression, peer aggression, culture of hatred, and cyberviolence are some of the many issues resulting from a lack of addressing the cyberbullying issue which could lead to serious psychological and educational issues. While there are studies focusing on cyberbullying identification in educational settings, few studies have been conducted to focus on the impact of social media as a fertile ground for cyberbullying in educational settings. To that end, this study aimed to explore the psychological, and social impacts of cyberbullying prevalent in social media and the corresponding impact on educational performance of students and offered practical solutions to solve the issues. This study sheds light on the complex nature of cyberbullying. It is also helpful in untangling the puzzles of identifying the characteristic patterns of cyberbullies and cyberbully-victims in educational settings in an effort to implement more effective strategies in resolving this issue.

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