Share Paper: Rebranding with Quality: Beyond Colors and Logos

  1. Jodie Hemerda, Zovio, United States
  2. Jennifer Dunn, Zovio, United States
  3. Louie Centanni, Zovio, United States
  4. Kira Heske, Zovio, United States
  5. Allison McDermott, Zovio, United States
  6. Karin Mente, Zovio, United States

Abstract: In November of 2020, Ashford University transitioned to The University of Arizona Global Campus (UAGC). The Learning Support Team rebranded all assets belonging to the writing, tutoring, and library sites. Rather than simply applying a new color scheme and logo, the team embraced the opportunity and improved each asset that needed rebranding. This poster presents the overarching process and individual perspectives of the project. The experiences of each person provide a narrative filled with collaboration, support, optimism, organization, and dedication to students, faculty, and the staff.