Rebranding with Quality: Beyond Colors and Logos

Poster Demonstration (Pre-Recorded) ID: 59079
  1. Jennifer Dunn
  2. Louie Centanni
  3. aaa
    Kira Heske
  4. Allison McDermott
  5. Karin Mente

Abstract: In November of 2020, Ashford University transitioned to The University of Arizona Global Campus (UAGC). The Learning Support Team rebranded all assets belonging to the writing, tutoring, and library sites. Rather than simply applying a new color scheme and logo, the team embraced the opportunity and improved each asset that needed rebranding. This poster presents the overarching process and individual perspectives of the project. The experiences of each person provide a narrative filled with collaboration, support, optimism, organization, and dedication to students, faculty, and the staff.


Share the story of rebranding assets. Debrief on an intense process. Describe lessons learned.

Topical Outline

What Why How: Plan How: Action Challenges Opportunities Why Important



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As an academic leader, this is my fourth rebrand project since 2010. Whether in my role as the Blackboard admin supporting a university changing their colors and logos, a new LMS migration, or transitioning curriculum from one university to another, I approach rebranding opportunities with quality. If you have to touch an asset, you should apply consistent styles, design, and accessibility components.


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