Share Paper: Co-building an online international CLIL CO-LAB

  1. Koen DePryck, Institute of Knowledge Management & Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
  2. Freya Konings, GO! Next van Veldeke, Belgium
Tuesday, July 6 1:15-1:35 PM Room 6

Abstract: In this round table, we invite participants to reflect on how “Content and Language Integrated Learning” (CLIL) can be facilitated as an instructional strategy in an international online environment. Elements of reflection include i) CLIL readiness of a school or institute, ii) online training of CLIL teachers, iii) competences of CLIL learners, iv) ICT for CLIL v) CLIL policy addressing barriers to and facilitators of CLIL and vi) CLIL CO-LABS. We view CLIL CO-LABS as state-of-the-art online teaching environments in which learners from different countries, with different mother tongues, are co-taught a shared subject in a common language of instruction ...