Share Paper: Keeping in School Shape (KiSS): The design and evolution of a program that encourages students to revisit math skills over school breaks

  1. Carla van de Sande, Arizona State University, United States
  2. Jana Vandenberg, Arizona State University, United States
Wednesday, July 7 4:05-4:25 PM Room 1

Abstract: Just like physical skills, cognitive skills grow rusty over time unless they are regularly used and practiced. As a result, academic breaks can have harmful consequences on student learning and success. The Keeping in School Shape (KiSS) program is an engaging, innovative and cost-effective intervention that uses existing technology to help students maintain proficiency over breaks from school, while also promoting a growth mindset. Theoretically, the KiSS Program draws on the well-documented benefits of retrieval practice and motivates regular rehearsal of learned material by sending students a multiple-choice mathematics question daily in an accessible and visible manner via text message ...