Share Paper: Bringing Out the Best In People/in Me (BOBI-P/-M)

  1. Evelien Verschroeven, Innovation OIC, Belgium
  2. Jef Teugels, Reins Group, LLC, United States
Tuesday, July 6 1:15 PM-2:15 PM Room 5

Abstract: Abstract: Bringing Out the Best In People/in Me (BOBI-P/-M) is a logic of structured individual conversations that 1) challenges and seeks learners' commitment position towards tasks, people, collective goals, and future; 2) ensures that fade-outs and potential drop outs are detected and addressed in time; 3) instantly accelerates and improves learning and knowledge outcomes for both the learning community and the organizations that subsidize it. BOBI-P/-M will be deployed in digital applications of virtual, individual, safe, appreciative, and energizing conversation between learners and the mission of a learning and knowledge program and environment. BOBI-P/-M's digital applications potentially with any existing ...