Share Paper: Teacher Collaboration with Technology: The Case of Co-teaching in the Global Read Aloud

  1. Jeffrey Carpenter, Elon University, United States
  2. Shea Kerkhoff, University of St. Louis Missouri, United States
  3. Xiaoying Wang, University of St. Louis Missouri, United States
Tuesday, July 6 3:45 PM-4:05 PM Room 2

Abstract: Digital technologies have increased opportunities for teacher collaboration both within and between schools. This is seen in the Global Read Aloud (GRA), an international grassroots literacy initiative in which students from different schools, regions, and countries use digital technologies to connect around common readings. This paper is based upon interviews with 21 teachers who have participated in multiple iterations of the GRA. In particular, we explore the kinds of co-teaching associated with the GRA. Findings suggest that technology facilitated co-teaching in the GRA involved co-planning of various degrees of depth, and a mix of both synchronous and asynchronous co-taught activities. ...