Share Paper: Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Pedagogies and Digital Technologies “Challenges and Misalignments”

  1. Ferial Khaddage, Deakin University,, Australia
  2. Cathie Norris, University of North Texas, United States
  3. Elliot Soloway, University of Michigan, United States
  4. Ann-Louise Davidson, Concordia University, Canada
Tuesday, July 6 1:35-1:55 PM Room 1

Abstract: Despite the enthusiasm in introducing digital technologies into the classroom, the result has so far been disappointing: simply interacting with technology in the classroom has not yet significantly improved student learning experiences or learning outcomes. Technologies have been used to retrofit the industrial era of teaching rather than exploring their unique affordances to transform teaching. This is also apparent now with COVID 19 pandemic, as most software vendors are trying to push their product into the classroom. In this article the authors discuss how technologies mediate education and identify the missing gaps to confront traditional pedagogies with digital technologies, this ...