Share Paper: Triggers: Choose your own way

  1. Letitia Bergantz, Athens State University, United States
  2. Mark Gale, Athens State University, United States
  3. Christy Stanley, Athens State University, United States
Tuesday, July 6 3:45 PM-4:00 PM Room 3

Abstract: 21st Century teachers face challenges across different mediums so equipping teachers with valuable training is paramount, and emphasizing technical training to ensure analysis, synthesis, and application of learning is key. The global pandemic added difficulty in the adoption of materials to an online platform, while offering students the same classroom experience. To help students navigate online, requires training and specific course design. Research indicates the best way to increase student achievement and to navigate through the digital transformation is to ensure that teachers are qualified with specialized skills (King & Newman, 2001; Killion & Hirsh, 2013; Vial, 2019). Specialized training ...