Share Paper: Considering the Influence of Human Multitasking on Business Game Learning: A Comparative Study Focusing on the Performance between High and Low Groups in the Game

  1. Takashi Tachino, Shoin University, Japan
  2. Yuuki Kato, Sagami Women's University, Japan
  3. Shogo Kato, Tokyo Woman's Christian University, Japan

Abstract: Business game learning environments that utilise tablets can be said to possess infinite possibility. Previous research on tablet learning has often focused on learning that utilises mobility. Moreover, previous studies have shown that different learning devices can improve attitudes towards learning and interest in learning. This study was designed to analyze the students’ attitude focusing on human multitasking behavior in business game practice in the environment called Price Game. In this research, university students in the practice were divided into two groups, students using tablet computer to investigate the between-group differences in terms of their perceptions toward Price Game and ...