Share Paper: Experiences of 9th-12th grade teachers transition to online teaching amidst the Covid19 pandemic

  1. Heather Pederson, Walden University, United States
  2. Melissa Scotch, Walden University, United States
Wednesday, July 7 2:50 PM-3:10 PM Room 3

Abstract: In March, 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly impacted all stakeholders involved in K-12 education. Teachers and students in the United States and around the world were forced to quickly pivot from traditional classrooms to online classrooms. A basic qualitative study was conducted to explore the perceptions and experiences associated with 9 -12th grade teachers’ experiences of transitioning from a brick and mortar teaching circumstance to online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. The results of this study include their perceptions and experiences regarding the ease of technology utilization, the usefulness of technology, and the support they experienced during the transition.