Grade Management Application for Handling Comprehension Test Results and Comprehension Test Pass Week Prediction Results

Full Paper: Research Based (Pre-Recorded) ID: 58895
  1. aaa
    Mana Yamamoto
    Future University Hakodate
  2. Hokuto Togashi
    Future University Hakodate
  3. Karen Onishi
    Future University Hakodate
  4. aaa
    Yoshinari Takegawa
    Future University Hakodate
  5. Keiji Hirata
    Future University Hakodate

Abstract: In this paper, our aim is the design and implementation of a grade management application that handles comprehension test results and comprehension test pass-week estimation results for a programming exercise class. From the results of an interview about the advantages and disadvantages of the test result management sheet that has been used in the lecture targeted in this research, it became clear that, although the test result management sheet has the advantage that the data produced in lectures can be managed collectively, there are various points for improvement, such as the difficulty of discovering, from the data, students who will fail (un-credited students) or students who not being sufficiently challenged. Based on these interview results, we defined the functional requirements of our application. Specifically, we implemented an application that has functions such as a function to visualize un-credited students or over-achieving students in the form of a list, using the estimation results of the pass-week prediction model; a function to graphically compare results between academic years, such as this year and last year; a function to graphically present the trend of a whole class. Using the prototype of the proposed application, we conducted a subject experiment to find whether un-credited students can be correctly identified, and obtained the result that the detection accuracy of the proposed method was 12% higher than that of the test result management sheet.


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