Share Paper: Collaboration and Communication in Blended Learning

  1. Maria Esposito, Molloy College, United States
  2. Justina Zendrian, Molloy College and Jericho School District, United States
Tuesday, July 6 4:05-4:25 PM Room 4

Abstract: Collaboration and communication are two 21st century thinking skills that apply to all content and grade levels. All 21st century thinking skills are important and necessary to prepare students for their future in either college or the workforce. It is imperative that teachers highlight and focus on these skills. This can be done using the blended learning model. Within the blended learning model, teachers can use different tools such as Flipgrid, Google Sites, Weebly, social media such as Instagram and Twitter, gamification sites such as Kahoot, Gimkit and Quizizz, and Class Dojo to enhance these skills both inside and outside ...