Welcome to EDIL 2021 Online

Posted by AACE Conferences on July 4 2021 at 6:17 p.m.

Welcome to EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2021 Online! Whether you are joining us live online or asynchronously this week, we are so glad you are a part of the conference experience! We are welcoming more than 200 attendees from 30 different countries to collaborate online and share their innovative research and work. We invite you all to access the session papers and slides, view the pre-recorded videos and slide presentations, join discussions with authors, and use this platform to connect with fellow attendees. This promises to be a week of exciting keynotes and invited talks, as well as cutting-edge workshop sessions, and great social interaction. Be sure to tag your tweets and social posts with #EDIL21.

Thank your for supporting the conference and the online format. We are very excited to announce that next year we will return to live on location conference in New York City! Mark your calendars now for EDIL 22, June 20-22, 2022.

We hope you enjoy the conference!

  • When preparing for the fall term, what are the top 3 priorities on your agenda for designing your courses? Excited to learn from your responses.

    Respectfully, Katie Olson Soldotna, Alaska


    • Hi Katie,

      It was a pleasure to meet you at the conference.

      From an ID/faculty perspective:

      1. People/stakeholders involved
      2. Format/delivery (including LMS, tools, tech support provided)
      3. Quality Standards

      Great question! Curious to see other perspectives.

      Thank you, Madalina

      Posted in reply to Katie Archer Olson

      • Madalina, Thank you for your response. It was nice to meet you and so many others from around the world. Let’s continue learning from each other and collaborating. Warm Regards, Katie My top 3 1. Formal Reflective practice for all courses 2. Cultural Responsive Course Design for my unique population 3. Reduce assignments and work on integrating Rich Project Based Learning Projects that add depth to my outcome alignment

        Let the Learning Begin!

        Posted in reply to Madalina Tincu

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