Cross-Classroom Collaborative Project-Based LMS

Posted by Paul Walcott on June 30 2021 at 9:06 p.m.

  • Cross-Classroom Collaborative Project-Based Learning (C3PjBL) is an emerging learning strategy that is based on the collaboration of student-groups on a curriculum-based project across classrooms. Come and discuss this exciting paradigm.


  • Hi, From your experience do you feel that teachers are open to this kind of projects? Or do teachers avoid them because of the workload involved? Or because they fail to see its advantages?


  • Hi Patricia. First of all, thank you very much for the question. It is a great one. We have found that some teachers are not willing to add to their workload, therefore manual C3PjBL would be frown upon. From the outset of this work we recognized that despite the benefits of PjBL, its complexities reduced its uptake. As a result, we have built a system called G2GCollaborate (Group to Group Collaborate) to simplify the process. For example, through the use of different roles we have scaffolded the processes. An actual example of this is when we asked teachers to enter student records, they immediately stated that it was time-consuming (although a once a year activity). As a result, we created a Data Entry Clerk role, who could be administrative staff, that would be responsible for entering student data.


  • Hi.. this paradigm sounds excited.. BUT I have concerns about applying it in reality as it will increase the workload for both students & teachers. And I have another question: do you think it is more beneficial for students than cross-curriculum project?


    • Hi Hayat, thanks for sharing. In regards to your concern, in this context C3PjBL teachers form part of a learning community in that teachers collaborate with each other to create projects and monitor, scaffold, evaluate and provide feedback to students, thus reducing their workload. Further, projects are accessible for use by other teachers who share similar interests, therefore these projects can be reused without teachers having to create new projects.

      Similarly, C3PjBL requires two groups of students to be paired to complete a given project collaboratively over a period to time (could be weeks, months, or a semester long). These student groups then work together to produce an artefact. Which, lessens the workload for students.

      Cross-curriculum projects cn be implemented within C3PjBL.

      Posted in reply to Hayat Alajlan

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