Share Paper: #Lockdownreading and Virtual Literary Dialogue: Learning how Types of Online Book Club Platforms Functioned During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. Peggy Semingson, The University of Texas at Arlington, United States
  2. William Kerns, The University of Arkansas at Little Rock, United States
Thursday, June 25 4:00-4:15 PM Room 7

Abstract: Online book clubs function across multiple digital platforms and can be of use both in and out of formal classroom settings. This paper and presentation analyze the ways that book clubs in informal learning settings (e.g., museum-based and library-based) rapidly moved online in much the same way that academic settings were forced to move rapidly online in light of the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic. A preliminary analysis of popular media content using the database LexisUni and searching on social media and Google provided insights into the diverse digital platforms that were used to host informal online book clubs. A ...