Wednesday, June 24
5:00-5:15 PM
Room 2

Personalized Learning Project: Creating and Playing Matching Games to Encourage Synthesis and Support Consolidation

Brief Paper: Live Presentation ID: 57892
  1. aaa
    Timothy Pelton
    University of Victoria
  2. aaa
    Leslee Francis Pelton
    University of Victoria

Abstract: MathTappers:MultiMatch, is a simple, free, ad-free iOS app allowing anyone to create, share, and play curriculum-linked matching games. While educators can create these matching games to support learning, the greater potential lies in encouraging students to undertake a personalized learning project where they explore a topic, synthesize representative sets of images and text, and bring them together in a meaningful way to generate their own matching games. These games may be used by their creators to demonstrate mastery or support recall and fluency building, but they can also be shared with others as open learning resources to support exploration and consolidation. We examine some research supporting the creation and playing of games, introduce the MathTappers:MultiMatch app, outline the process for creating a matching deck, and share two example decks that we created. Although our efforts lean toward mathematics, useful matching decks can be created for virtually any subject area.

Presider: Lyudmila Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary College


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