Share Paper: Breaking the COVID-19 Ice: Integrating Socioscientific Issues into Problem-Based Learning Lessons in Middle School

  1. Debra Tyrrell, Wheeling University, United States
  2. Manetta Calinger, Wheeling University, United States

Abstract: Abstract: COVID-19 represents a socioscientific issue with many different facets and societal impacts for middle school in the 2020-2021 academic year. Socioscientific issues are socially significant, real-world issues that are culturally important and grounded in science. Using a socioscientific issues approach to engage middle school students in ill-structured problems in science and health issues affords teachers a motivational and scientific literacy teachable moment. Teachers face challenges when employing an SSI approach due to lack of time, lesson availability, and professional development. This brief paper and pre-recorded presentation describe problem-based learning modules related to COVID-19, such as vaccines, ventilators, and distribution ...