Share Paper: Developing Digital Citizenship, Digital Literacy and Student Voice Using Social Media in K12

  1. Jennifer Casa-Todd, Ontario Tech University, Canada
  2. Robin Kay, Ontario Tech University, Canada
  3. Janette Hughes, Ontario Tech University, Canada
Wednesday, June 24 3:30-3:45 PM Room 3

Abstract: Abstract: Limited research exists on how social media can support students in K-12 environments. This narrative inquiry study focused on the Ontario Educational Student Chat (ONedSschat) to explore the extent to which students, who were part of the organizing and leadership team, developed digital citizenship, digital literacies, and student voice. Data examined included student tweets, webinars, podcasts, and interviews with two adult mentors and one student. Digital citizenship, digital literacies, and student voice were reviewed through the use of YouTube webinars and Twitter, as well as interview data on student perspectives. With few exceptions, students on the ONedSschat team exhibited ...