Share Paper: The use of scaffolds to help improve students’ success on persuasive term papers in an online course.

  1. Dan Keast, The University of Texas Permian Basin, United States
Wednesday, June 24 7:00-7:30 PM Room 4

Abstract: This study is guided by constructivism where the central tenant is learners gain new information through experiencing and attaching new material to prior knowledge. Closely related to this is Lev Vygotsky’s “zone of proximal development” that posits learners either need no help to acquire the material or beyond the students’ capability even with assistance. That assistance is scaffolding that can be soft (provided one-on-one to the individual) or hard (diagrams, models, hints). This study focused on the effect of optional hard scaffolds used by students for persuasive paper writing. Scaffolds were created from Graff & Birkenstein (2014) for use in ...