Share Paper: Experiences in Teaching and Learning Video Game Testing with Post-mortem Analysis in a Game Development Course

  1. Miguel A. Garcia-Ruiz, Algoma University, Canada
  2. Simon Xu, Algoma University, Canada
  3. Pedro C. Santana-Mancilla, University of Colima, Mexico
  4. Adriana L. Iniguez-Carrillo, University of Guadalajara, Mexico
Wednesday, June 24 3:45 PM-4:00 PM Room 4

Abstract: Video game testing is an important topic that is taught in game design and development courses, including quality assurance (QA) testing (testers look for game “bugs” or game software errors) and playtesting (testers evaluate gameplay and analyze how fun the game is). Testing is a valuable activity done in game development projects, because it can uncover game user interface (UI), interaction design, gameplay and software problems. Video game post-mortems (structured documents describing what went well and what went wrong in past game development projects) are widely read in the gaming industry. They explain game development activities, including how testing (or ...