Wednesday, June 24
3:30-3:45 PM
Room 5

An example of the availability of SVG mathematical graphics on touch screens for the blind supporting remote learning

Full Paper: Live Presentation ID: 57760
  1. aaa
    Andrzej Salamonczyk
    Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities
  2. Jolanta Brzostek-Pawlowska
    NASK National Research Institute
  3. aaa
    Dariusz Mikulowski
    Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities

Abstract: One of the key abilities that every student should learn is mastering math skills. It is particularly difficult for blind students who have problems with access to information that is usually presented graphically for common pupils. One of such information in the case of mathematics is the presentation of graphs of functions and geometric shapes. This article describes one of the approaches for using aural interface in math graphs presentation for blind students, which is especially important for the recognition of graphics by the blind, e.g. during remote teaching. It is based on two steps of math graphic recognition. The first step is general recognition of graph using synthetic speech and non-active sonification of graph and next step consists of an interactive sonification based on conversion of a graph data to sound wave with different attributes. Seven students were examined and it turned out that their recognition in the mathematical graphic in a tactile way with the aural interface took place quickly and gave good results.

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