Share Paper: Embracing Inclusion in the STEM Classroom: Theory and Practice

  1. Rebecca Reese, Colorado School of Mines, United States
  2. DJeane Peters, Colorado School of Mines, United States
Tuesday, June 23 3:45 PM-4:00 PM Room 2

Abstract: Instruction in Higher Education requires faculty promote cultural diversity and inclusion in the classroom. Recognizing and incorporating the diversity of learners is a critical step for educators valuing learner contributions in the course design and embracing alternative methods for engaging learners. While historical models of STEM instruction often do not prioritize these practices, research indicates that learner identity and experience is pertinent in STEM classroom settings as well. The purpose of this workshop is to engage STEM instructors in identifying learner experiences and needs in the classroom, and incorporate instructional design practices in order to implement changes to their current ...