Share Paper: A New Approach to Education for Sustainable Development: Integrating Collaborative Technology and Media Creation for Social Design Curriculum

  1. Mizuho Iinuma, Tokyo University of Technology、Department of Media Sciences, Japan
  2. Tagiru Nakamura, Musashino University, Japan
  3. Hiroaki Chiyokura, Tokyo University of Technology, Japan
Wednesday, June 24 5:00-5:15 PM Room 4

Abstract: A new refined education that meets the global society is in need today. In year 2015, the United Nation has adopted the agenda for Sustainable Development Goals 2030. The SDGs consist of 17 goals including among others, ending poverty, health and wellbeing, and climate change. In order to achieve the SDGs, collaboration among government, educational institutions, local governments, NGO/NPO, civil society, and individual is crucial. As paradigm shift is needed to solve today`s complex sets of global and local issues, education can play a key role in contributing to create a shift. Empowerment of individuals and emergence of participatory citizenship ...