Share Paper: Activate the stimuli receptors: Reducing cognitive overload by analyzing the impact of multimedia elements

  1. Gordon Matthew, North-West University, South Africa
  2. Koos De Villiers, North-West University, South Africa
Tuesday, June 23 5:25-5:45 PM Room 6

Abstract: In recent years, a large number of learning management sites (LMs) have emerged in the higher education sector, but these systems are generally not well-maintained. Most of the time the burden falls upon the lecturers to populate and maintain the content on these sites. The problem is, most of these online environments are built around complex learning tasks, mostly containing many interacting multimedia elements. These elements represent pieces of information, information-rich or information-poor, that needs to be processed by the brain simultaneously. This article focuses on: (i) the use of multimedia elements in LMSs, and (ii) how the interaction of ...