Share Paper: Privacy Guide Epic Development – Time-Constrained Distributed Team Work in an Undergraduate Higher Education Course on Informatics and Society

  1. David Haselberger, University of Vienna, Austria
  2. Thomas Spielhofer, Y Consulting, Austria
Tuesday, June 23 6:15-6:30 PM Room 3

Abstract: This paper shows how a gamified agile process for distributed teamwork can be used for teaching purposes. It reflects the learnings from using a time-constrained work environment – the epic bedtime story game – at a university course. Within three course hours, 42 students in an undergraduate course on Informatics and Society collaboratively elaborated a “privacy guide for your neighbor next door”. This privacy guide featured six chapters covering various aspects from data privacy in social media to infrastructure considerations. After evaluating their final product in their peer groups, students provided feedback on a web platform regarding their experience of ...