Share Paper: Motivational Needs in Game Development using Unity in 9th Grade Informatics - A Qualitative Content Analysis

  1. David Haselberger, University of Vienna, Austria
  2. Oswald Comber, University of Vienna, Austria
  3. Renate Motschnig, University of Vienna, Austria
Tuesday, June 23 6:00-6:15 PM Room 2

Abstract: This paper presents a qualitative content analysis on pupils’ experiences in learning to code through game development in the professional grade game development environment (GDE) Unity™ in six Informatics groups in a secondary school. After engaging in block-based programming through controlling robot behavior and initial text-based programming attempts in the console, 64 students between 14 and 16 years of age with minimal computer literacy explored the Unity GDE in a limited time frame of approximately 20 course hours. Following preliminary online resources provided through the “Learn to ProGrAME” project, they constructed a platformer game featuring physics objects and programming concepts ...